3 Nonprofit Marketing Strategies Proven to Get Magical Results

Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

Neal Schaffer Features Digital Marketing Magic for Nonprofits on “Your Digital Marketing Coach” Podcast

Nonprofit marketing strategies take shape behind the scenes, just like the planning behind a memorable magic show.  I connect magic and giving because when a donor makes a transformational gift it may seem unbelievable.  You once dreamed of a gift to achieve your vision and now it’s in your hands.

Marketers, like magicians, plan, practice, and perform.  The more you practice, the better your performance. 

Here’s a chance to sharpen your digital marketing skills. Neal Schaffer, host of the podcast “Your Digital Marketing Coach, invited me to share some insight into nonprofit marketing magic with his listeners. (Thanks, Neal!) 

Neal Schaffer Nonprofit Marketing Podcast

Listen to Neal’s conversation with me here. The show notes for our 32-minute conversation include several quotes from yours truly. When Neal asked where nonprofits get started when they want to improve their marketing I said: 

“I think you start with the core principles of marketing, which storytelling is the core,” I said. “And you can tell stories if you don’t have a lot of money.”

The magic I revealed includes these three points.

1)    Nonprofit marketing strategies create illusions  – helping prospective donors look at the future in a different light. If a donor can envision the impact of a major gift, they are more likely to give to your organization.

2)    I think of the use of Google Ads as sleight-of-hand. A digital marketer strategizes how to use data and creativity to attract new donors.

3)    An audience is often wowed by the performance of an act called magician’s choice. When I perform nonprofit marketing magic my top choice of tactics is video storytelling.

Build Awareness of Your Brand with Magical Illusions 

Neal Schaffer is an expert in influencer marketing and the author of “The Age of Influence,” so we had a great conversation about using influencers in nonprofit marketing strategies. Influencers can be board members, volunteers, students, alumni, and visitors.

When we talked about advertising on Facebook, I mentioned my observation of nonprofit marketing managers boosting posts instead of creating ads. “Hiss,” said Neal. Create actual ads, friends, to reach new prospects.

Winning Nonprofit Marketing Strategies Include Professional Google Ad Management

If you haven’t applied for a Google Ad Grant yet do it now. You can receive $10,000 a month to advertise your organization. This is enough to make a difference.

In the interview with Neal I provided examples of how Google Ads helped my client Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s Botanical Garden, grow membership and get more positive Google reviews. A key part of this sleight-of-hand is we hired an expert team to manage the grants. This is not something to do yourself!

Video Production Pays Off

Social media platforms favor video posts. Video embedded in email marketing yields much better results. And landing pages with videos get 80% better conversions than those without them. Learn more about the impact of video on nonprofit marketing strategies in my blog post Video Marketing: 4 Advantages to Adopting and an Aggressive Strategy.  

Neal and I talked about how to capture video stories on a shoestring budget. When you’re ready to invest in video for a campaign, event, or new website, the video team at Hammock Marketing + Communications is ready for action.

Let us know if you want help with any of the marketing strategies that will create more magic at your organization. (contact)

Why Magic Speaks to Me

In addition to a big thanks to Neal Schaffer, I want to acknowledge the magical inspiration for the theme of this post, Sammy Smith, Sammy is executive editor of “The Linking Ring,” the journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I worked on his team as an editor and loved learning about magic and how the geniuses in the field pull off their tricks.



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