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You have big dreams. Share them with Beth Hammock.

Advancement leaders from Fairbanks, Alaska to St. Louis, Missouri trust Beth to build their brands and facilitate lasting donor relationships.

Beth has served educational institutions and nonprofits in development communications roles for 16 years. She will guide you and your team to stronger donor relations that yield long-term results.

During her first visit with you Beth will review your digital marketing and PR. Here is what will happen:

  • You walk Beth through your donor journey.
  • You complete a questionnaire about your digital strategy, tactics, and ROI.
  • Beth shows you how other businesses are benefiting from robust digital strategies.
  • Beth updates you on the latest trends including video marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • You work with Beth to create a plan for improving your digital results in 90 days.

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