Beth Hammock
Beth Hammock, Donor Relations Writer

When donor recognition is done right donors often respond with another gift. That was the case when Zander and Andy Blewett made a historic gift to the University of Montana School of Law described in this news release. Within a few years, they gave even more, and the school was named for them.

Renowned Trial Attorney Makes History with $800,000 Gift to UM Law School

The University of Montana School of Law has announced the largest outright gift in its history from Alexander “Zander” Blewett III and his wife, Andy, both of Great Falls, Mont.

The $800,000 gift will create the Blewett Scholars Fund, providing three scholarships to incoming students who have first earned bachelor’s degrees from Montana State University in Bozeman. Each scholarship will pay for half of the recipients’ School of Law tuition and be renewable for the duration of the three-year program.

The Blewetts stand with President Royce Engstrom

“My father graduated from the University and had a storied career as a trial lawyer,” Blewett said. “Now my sons have also graduated from UM and follow in the family tradition. We’ve all been so fortunate to acquire these skills at the University of Montana School of Law. The quality of the program, starting with the faculty, truly prepares its students in trial tactics and appellate arguments. Our law school experiences have been instrumental to the successful careers we’ve been able to develop.” The first Blewett Scholars will be announced in the fall of 2014.

“The University of Montana School of Law is a beacon for the people of our state and beyond,” said UM President Royce Engstrom. “Graduates protect our rights, maintain our liberties, and guide our state’s legal system. It is a true privilege to have the support of a long-standing relationship with the Blewett family, and we are so grateful for their visionary and generous gift. We look forward to accepting more excellent students from MSU.”

UM School of Law Dean Irma Russell says scholarships attract the most promising students and create a more diverse student population.

“Having support in law school allows for students to consider public service or community service, paving the way for the next generation of civic leaders, judges, governors, and law professors,” Russell said.

The Blewett family has a longstanding relationship with the School of Law, with Blewett becoming a second-generation graduate in 1971. Blewett’s father, Alexander Blewett Jr., graduated from the institution in 1938, and Zander Blewett’s sons, Anders and Drew, graduated from the school in 2007.

Today, Zander Blewett and his sons practice law at one of the Big Sky’s preeminent law firms, Hoyt & Blewett, where Blewett is the managing partner and one of the top trial lawyers in the nation.

The Blewett family also helped fund new athletic facilities at Montana State University and has given generously in the past to the UM School of Law through the Law School Building Fund.

“The University of Montana School of Law is one of our state’s greatest educational resources,” said MSU President Waded Cruzado. “The gift from Zander and Andy Blewett demonstrates a true commitment to the next generation of leaders and helps Montana State students set their sights on a valuable legal education.”

Currently, the School of Law has twice as many UM graduates enrolled as MSU graduates.

“This gift from the Blewett family is an opportunity to build bridges between our two flagship institutes and a way to retain quality Montana graduates,” says Zachary Rogala, Montana University System Board of Regents member and MSU graduate now attending the School of Law. “At the end of the day, it’s another step in the long history of Montana community members investing in our state. Many thanks to the Blewett family.”