Beth Hammock, executive producer

Beth Hammock, videographer and producer; Chris Hammock, editor and motion graphics

Get results with videography by a TV journalist

My videography services come with a major benefit. I’m a marketing communications leader with a background in TV news. I have a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and produced TV news for 13 years. I use my experience and education every day. 

Leadership from a pro who makes creating a video easy on you. And a videographer who understands video marketing is a valuable partner.

Video is today’s most-effective digital marketing tool 

Video is today’s most-effective digital tool. From email marketing to search engine marketing, video is the best investment you can make to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Increase email click-through rates by up to 300% by adding videos. 
  • Enhance awareness of your brand on the #2 search engine, YouTube
  • Improve conversion rates up to 80% with video on your landing page

Take the leap to a video-first marketing strategy and soon you will have more prospects and customers. Your current customers/donors will be more engaged and loyal. 

As a creator, I love mixing moving pictures, music and sound for incredible impact. My videos stand out because they include natural sound in the room, or outside, plus interviews. I do not create videos with only a music track. See the difference.

Beth Hammock, producer, director and videographer; Chris Hammock, editor

A local creative team delivers the quality of big agencies

I work solo for many small businesses – planning, shooting, writing and editing the video. Being a one-man-band makes video marketing accessible.

When a client has a highly produced video in mind, I call in my collaborators and produce the videos. My team uses a journalistic style of shooting and editing. These qualities of our video production process make our videos more engaging than most companies’ products. 

  1. Streamlined. We interview up to four people for each business video and shoot in one or two locations. Keeping locations to a minimum saves both parties time and money.
  2. Narrated. Most videos we produce look like the stories you see on TV news. We write a script and have the video narrated. With narration, we are able to include all pertinent facts and write to the video, a great way to engage the viewers. The interviewees describe their personal experiences or feelings, not the facts.
  3. Surprising. We keep a close eye on what’s happening at your video shoot to find the unexpected, touching, or surprising moments. This is what great videographers do and you will experience that extra touch with us

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Set your sights higher when you use drone video! We deliver on drone footage perfect for capturing large sites and special events. A half-day of drone footage is an affordable $500.

When you want special effects, I call on my amazing motion graphics artist. 

And when you need to reach people anywhere call me for livestreaming. My team can livestream events without an internet connection. Our production vehicle is equipped with a switcher found in TV studios. This means you can have two cameras at your live event and we will be able to switch back and forth between them while you are speaking.

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Call us for videography of testimonials

A video testimonial is one of the most effective tools in our digital marketing toolbox. I shot this testimonial for WCC Roofing and our team created the open and edited it. WCC provided the drone video.

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Inspirational fundraising videos

I began combining my video production background with marketing and communications at the University of Missouri, where I was director of development communications for five years. Since then, I have produced many videos designed to inspire donors to give to nonprofits. The same digital storytelling will motivate your audience to take action.

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Ms. Hammock impressed me with her expertise in marketing and communications, efficient turnaround time, approachability, and attention to detail.

Oindrila Roy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of International Relations at Cottey College

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