Hello. I’m Beth Hammock, a St. Louis marketing professional connecting universities and donors through the strategic use of video. My background as a TV reporter and producer sets my work apart. I am an expert in uncovering the heart of your message and putting it into words and pictures. And I know digital marketing, is the lifeblood of successful fundraising campaigns.

Beth Hammock
Beth Hammock

Copywriting based on my wide array of professional experiences

Like any good journalist, I can write about almost anything. Based on my work experiences, I am most comfortable writing about:

  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Fundraising
  • Science, engineering and technology
  • Law
  • Parenting

Videography is my first love

When I was in journalism school we chose whether to go into newspaper, magazine or broadcast journalism. I chose broadcasting – not because I wanted to be on TV – but because it has so many elements with which to tell a story. Video, sound and words! I artfully combine all three to get your message out in a memorable way. 



“Beth brings tremendous breadth and depth of experience to whatever she does.” – James Preston, Assistant Executive Director, MU Extension Advancement, University of Missouri, Columbia

“Beth is a great communicator with a unique ability to strengthen connections between institutions and their most generous supporters. She’s innovative and always a trusted partner who adds tremendous value to the process of philanthropy.” – Jeremy Sauter, University of Montana Foundation Trustee and Marketing Consultant, Paramount Pictures