Master Nonprofit Social Media with 3-Step Strategy

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Nail Your Year-End Giving Goals!

Now is the time to polish your nonprofit social media strategy. When you maximize the impact of social media, you will see better fundraising results at year-end. Check out my smart-yet-simple social media strategy. 

I mention adding a Donate button to your Facebook page and how I like how Heifer International is a great example. For an example of how to use YouTube for brand awareness, see St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s channel. 

Who do you see making great digital content? I’m always on the lookout for more examples so send me a message, please!



After you watch my video and know how to be strategic with your content, it’s time to start making videos. Yes, use video as much as possible because it is the most popular type of content today. Nine of 10 people say they want more videos from brands. People retain 95% of what they see on video and 10% of what they read. (Insivia) And consumers’ use of online video is 15 times higher than just four years ago. 

My team makes videos for social media, email marketing, websites, and events. We’re here to help you raise more money using video in your digital marketing. Learn more.  


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